"Connecting You To The World of Education"

Welcome to the home page of Dr. Hutch University. Most people can't afford the high price of today's education and maintaining a normal life in this economy. Dr. J.L. Hutchinson Jr. has over the years of researching, training and education discovered a way to provide higher education to the working class. Those who have lost their footing in life through pitfalls, heartbreak and other life changes. If you are a person who does not have the resources , or time attend school and want to start your own business. Then this is the school for you. Also, this gives you an opportunity to have access with some of the great business minds Dr. Hutchinson has assembled.
Step This University was established to give and guide you to the educational portals to improve your life. Dr. Hutch University is non-profit organization branch of Christian Crown Ministries of Georgia found by Pastor Dr. J.L. Hutchinson Jr.We provide you access to over 200 plus free online classes to learn anything. In fact, it's possible to take classes from big names, like Yale, MIT and Tufis without ever submitting an application or paying for tuition.
STEP Go Log in now. The log in link is in the upper right corner. Just click the new user link and create a student profile by entering your e-mail address, name and a password. Once the profile is created you will be enroll as student of the university. Once inside, you can do start taking classes. It's just that easy and fun to get you started.