History Of Dr. Hutch Uni..



DR. HUTCH UNIVERSITY  "Connecting You To The World of Education" The founder Dr. J.L. Hutchinson Jr. , successful entreprenuar from Cleveland, Ohio knows the importance of educating the community at-large for an healthy future.

Since 1992, Dr. Hutchinson has involved himself in community empowerment over the years like the Linda Vista Multicultural Affair in San Diego, California, Mid City Youth of City Heights, City Heights on Patrol, just to name a few. In 2005, Dr. Hutchinson started broadcasting his message of empowerment over the local radio airwaves on a station called The Soul of San Diego KURS 1040AM a 24hr gospel radio station in San Diego California. In 2007, he took his message to a larger audience of over 5,000,000 listeners in Southern California on KPRZ 1210AM, Christian Station with "The Dr. Hutch Show" and KCBQ 1170AM with "Just a Business Minute with Dr. Hutch".

His radio show help extend his effort to empower the black community in 2006, with the creation of the Dr. Hutch International Training Center in La Mesa, California. He has trained many students to become real estate investor's, consulted, mentored many Nationwide and internationally in business development .

We provide you access to over 200 plus free online classes to learn anything. Also, you will have access to programs and classes by Dr. Hutchinson. In fact, it's possible to take classes from big names, like Yale, MIT and Tufis without ever submitting an application or paying for tuition.

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